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How to Bet on e-Sports with Cash in Malaysia?

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Gone are the days where you need to bet on e-Sports with items. Why spend thousands of dollars on items to bet on when you might suffer getting hacked at the end of the day?

ATR Gaming provides you a safe and worry free platform for you to bet on any kinds of multiplayer e-Sports with real cash. You can bet on games likes Dota 2 , League of Legends, Starcraft and many more on our platform.

When you win with us, we promise your withdrawals can be done swiftly and smoothly without any hiccups. To begin betting, first you need to open an account. If you’ve opened an account are you’re not sure of how to bet due to the odds, please read below as we’ve summarised it into a simple guide for you to follow.

Our Platform

In ATR Gaming’s safe and hack-free platform, you will typically see the following screen when you want to bet.

maxbet dota odds

Types of Bets

Maps – Betting on maps means which game the two teams are playing. For example, Map 1 means game 1 and Map 2 means game 2 and so on.

Match Winner/Series winner – Which team will win in the best of 3 or best of 5 series.

First Blood on Map – Which team gets the first kill in the game.

First to reach 10 kills – Which team gets to 10 kills first in the game.


The odds in our platform may be a little confusing and overwhelming to understand but we’ve summarised into a very simple guide for you.

Black Odds – How much you bet multiply that odd. For example, if you bet 100 and the black odds is 0.70, you will only win 70. However if the odds is 1.60 and you bet 100, you will win 160.

Red Odds – You will lose less if the team you bet loses. For example, if you bet 100, and the red odds is -0.60. You will only lose 60.

Moneyline – Means who will win the game.

Ft. HDP (Handicap) –  For example, if you choose a team who has a 1.5 handicap and the end score of the game you bet is (You)1 : 2(Opponent). You will still win the bet as you have a 1.5 handicap therefore; the end result is actually (You) 2.5 : 2 (Opponent).

If you still need further explanation, just contact our customer support to enquire further. We wish you the best of luck!