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Terms and Conditions


By registering to use the services on ATR Gaming, you’ve acknowledged and accepted that:

  • You have read, completely understand and agreed to these Terms & Conditions.
  • Everything on the website is subject to the terms of ATR Gaming.
  • ATR Gaming possesses the rights to revise these Terms & Conditions at anytime without any notice in advance. Such changes will be activated with instant effect immediately upon publication in the “Terms and Conditions” section of the ATR Gaming website.
  • It is your sole responsibility to check for any such changes or modifications.
  • Continued usage of the services of the website after any change has been made to the Terms and Conditions will represent your acceptance of the amendments.
  • The games which ATR Gaming provides are fair and the outcome that appear in the gaming servers are final. It is to your understanding that our decision is the final authority in deciding the circumstances of your partaking in the games that are on our website.


  • This agreement of the Terms & Conditions is effective from the moment you register for an account on this site. It is agreed that you are bound by this agreement if you use the services of ATR Gaming.
  • ATR Gaming possesses the rights to refuse to register any applicant for registration on the website as well as refusing any wager made on our online casino. ATR Gaming reserves the rights to make inquiries on you including credit checks with financial institute.
  • In the occasion of any disagreement regarding winnings, ATR Gaming’s decision will be final and irrefutable.
  • If you do not comply with any of the terms as stated on the Terms and Conditions of ATR Gaming site, please do NOT register on our website and do NOT attempt to use any of our services.


  • Please take note that it is the responsibility of the player to maintain their username and password safe and secured. Please take special precautions not to expose your username and password to anyone. ATR Gaming will not take any responsibility in the case where your password has been stolen due to a player’s carelessness.
  • We wish to provide the best security to protect our customer’s account on the server. However ATR Gaming will not take any responsibility for any credit losses, if a player account is hacked from their side.
  • Please be informed that we preserve the rights to null and void, refuse and reject any types of bet placed by customers whom are under the suspicion of irregular and abnormal bets or usage of artificial intelligence (bots).


  • You are only allowed to use ATR Gaming’s services if you are of the legal age required by the law of your country where you are accessing the site from.
  • Legal authorities may not have addressed the status of legality of online gambling and we do not wish for anyone to use the site wherever such use is illegal. You are fully responsible in determining whether it is legal to use the site in the country where you live.
  • In the occasion of a dispute regarding a player’s account, will provide ATR Gaming the rights to suspend the account until a solution has been reached. Any disputes must be reported and sent to a Customer Service Representative. ATR Gaming takes player’s disputes matter very seriously and will do its best to perform any necessary actions that are required to investigate. We will further pass on the customer’s complaints to our partner’s support teams and will keep our player notified of the latest developments of the dispute.
  • Please make certain that you understand the rules and regulations of the games you play on our platform. If we have the suspicion that you have attempted to access or by-pass our security, we will instantly terminate your account with no warning or notice served. We reserve the right to inform the authority of your actions.

Deposit and Withdrawal

  • Any deposits & withdrawal must be processed by the same account registrant name as their banking account. ATR Gaming will not process the payment if it is requested to be made to a bank account of different name.
  • By opening an account with us, you have accepted that ATR Gaming will be held harmless from and against any losses, expenses and damages that may arise from your usage of the website and its services.
  • ATR Gaming reserves the right to only add your credit balance after the confirmation of deposit has been received. You are required to contact our customer service after you have completed the bank transfer with success.
  • Members should provide their username and account balance when asking for withdrawal.
  • ATR Gaming reserves the rights to hold or decline a player’s withdrawal should there exist any discrepancies in the information provided.
  • You are only entitled 1 account per player. Having more than one account will void all winnings on those multiple accounts.
  • If your player account has been idle for more than 120 days, your account will be closed and all balance amount will be surrendered to ATR Gaming.
  • Cheque deposits are not accepted by ATR Gaming as a measure of fraud prevention.
  • Bet limits will be adjusted according to the amount a customer deposits and ATR Gaming possesses the rights to reduce the bet limits of players who are under the suspicion of abnormal bets or the usage of artificial intelligence (bots).
  • For more info on our banking details and system please check out our Banking section


  • We will consider your activities as Foul Play when we have a sensible reason to believe that your activities and behavior appear to be exploiting the promotional offer and winnings will be confiscated as a result of the abuse. The judgment on what act is an abuse lies on the company’s management in its sole discretion.
  • Only those deposits where the compulsory verifications are achieved will represent entitlement of partaking of the promotion.
  • ATR Gaming possesses the rights to cancel, modify or suspend the promotion at any time. By partaking in the promotion, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of the promotion.
  • Participating in the promotion gives ATR Gaming your consent to use your name and image on the website for marketing and promotional campaigns produced by ATR Gaming without further reimbursement.
  • Failure to provide accurate information will lead to ineligibility from the promotion. You must confirm that your name and address are corresponding to the account registered to you.
  • All participants in the promotion must obey all ATR Gaming’s rules, as well as all the Terms & Conditions on the website.
  • The final choice on a player’s participation rights in the promotion lies with the company. The decision made will be strictly obeyed and shall not be the subject to appeal by any customer.
  • For the latest promotions available, please check out our Promotions section or contact our customer service representatives.